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Think Happy. Think Choux.

Handmade with Love


Our Menu

We, at Choux Lab, are all about experimenting and innovation. Our take on pâte à choux is available in 13 different flavours. We also offer Tarts and Tiramisu cakes. Most of our offered products are freshly baked in-house every morning.


We accept custom orders. So, whether you're looking to host an event, an occasion or simply inviting friends over - give us a shout and we'll do our best to to meet your requirements.

Custom Orders

What is a Choux?

It's a beautiful and absolutely delicious pastry. These are perfectly golden brown on the outside, with a slightly crisp texture. The delicate pastry shell, also known as craquelin, has a slightly puffed and hollow appearance. We fill the shells with our in-house pastry cream. The combination results in a rich filling, light and airy choux pastry.


Mouth-watering yet? See more images of choux, along with some of our products, below which may make you reach through the screen and take a bite!

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